How to tell your partner about herpes

For most of us we think getting an uncureable std is the end of the line for our dating life. Not true. Yes morally we have an obligation to be aware of not spreading the disease further, but that doesn't mean we can't date. I've been in a few relationships where my partner did not care what I had. At first I didn't have much success but I realized its all about how you present your situation to your partner. Once you come to acceptance of your situation than can you date

The most successful tip I used was creating a questionaire sort of and I used it on the third or fourth date. Masked in the questionaire would be a question dealing with the std. If I felt they would handle the news ok I would bring up my condition. However, I did not date friends of friends just in fear they would reveal my secret condition. Ultimately the way you view the condition and explain the condition is how your potential partner may view it. 

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